Meet the Members

Meet the members who want to share their story about how they have benefited from Truckers Health Team

“Like I told you yesterday at my appointment when you said my a1c was under 8, you could have blown me over with a feather in November when you told me I had diabetes and I thought my life was over. But you cared. You really helped me and taught me what to do. I appreciate how much you care - not only at office visits but also with telephone calls.”

D. S.

“I recently became a member of the Truckers Health Team. I am writing you a short note to say thank you. Your staff at Oklahoma City is great and I feel comfortable talking with them. I just want to say that I am healthy because of your help. I won’t beat around the bush - you all are saving my life. Every day is more comfortable thanks to Health.”

Abdul A.

“You were right. I woke up this morning and hadn't felt this good in a long time. I started reading about what we talked about and I know you saved my life. I didn't realize what all this was doing to me. I'm surprised I'm not 6 feet under already. My lungs feel good. I have to get my truck detailed because it stinks so bad from cigarettes. I didn't realize I had this constant headache, but n ow that it's gone I feel so much better.”